Monday, December 5, 2011

Toѕнiki Kαdoмαtѕu - Lεgαcy Of You (1990)

Ripped from CD.

As I've made clear in past posts here on The Widening Eye, I am a monstrously huge fan of Japanese beach guitar wizard Toѕнiki Kαdoмαtѕu-san. He's one of those guys who is hit and miss as far as his studio material is concerned, but he's also one of those self-made artists who, when he actually does hit the mark, he's about as close to perfection as anyone could hope to be in the realm of Japanese jazz pop.

This particular release was Kαdoмαtѕu's second and final instrumental album that he'd cut in studio and release in LP form, and it holds the distinction of being his single most powerful and cohesive statement as both a guitarist and songwriter. Featuring high-energy performances in a variety of formats, these songs blend progressive Jazz-Fusion with the Post-Disco influenced "City pop" melodic sensibility that reigned supreme over Japanese FM radio for the first half of the 80's.

Call it progressive smooth jazz, Beach-Fusion, Adult Contemporary on crack-cocaine, whatever. No matter what sort of labels you might toss around, this is one of the best melodic Jazz Fusion albums to ever have the pleasure of being recorded and released in the 80's in any country, perhaps even in the whole of Jazz music history itself depending on your angle.

If you've ever pondered to hear what might happen when The Beach Boys go the way of Mahavishnu Orchestra, take a gander herein. It captures it's era better than nearly anything else you'll find.

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