Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cαяl Aиdεяsoи - Fαиtαsy Hotεl (1992)

Better known for his audacious Broadway career as the original Judas from musical megahit galore Jesus Christ Superstar, singer-songwriter Cαяl Aиdεяsoи built up quite the belt of solo releases before losing a longstanding battle with leukemia in 2004, leaving the world in mourning.

Although there are a number of excellent records from his discography that I could post here, 1992's Fαиtαsy Hotεl is near the top of the bunch as far as songwriting, execution and production goes, serving as something of a crossover point between the jazzy dance pop of his 80's career and the Westcoast tendencies of this record's collaborators (Russ FreemanDavid Foster, etc.).

Through and through a romantic pop record, the sentiments expressed in these pieces isn't anything you haven't heard before. However, Aиdεяsoи's delivery is so good throughout the record that even the weakest moments are dwarfed into oblivion, and on songs such as 'If Not For Love' and "Lover's Mask', quirks and interesting cynicisms draw breath and peek out from behind the synth-leaden curtain. But again, everything's so damn pristine and well arranged that you might as well be able to eat these songs off a plate and not give a damn about the contents either way. Such is life, and thus..

"We're not what we seem/We're just something you have dreamed/Just a fantasy hotel." 

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