Thursday, December 1, 2011

Βoz Sсαggѕ - Dig (2001)

We all know Duh Boz was a mean ol' boss on the streets of L.A. from '68 through '88, but it's only when you leap forward into a far more alien era that the true measure of a great artist can be gleaned, and in that regard Dig is one hell of entrance into the 21st century for an aging and "irrelevant", yet still quite vital, existence.

These are the nighttime blues for a fresh new audience, shuffling grooves for the uninitiated. There is not a 'Lowdown' or 'Jojo' to be found, but staked out downtempo territory not far removed from the excess of post-2000's Bristolian reveries, yet equally sumptuous and probably a bit jazzier too. Tracks like 'I Just Go' and the smoldering 'Desire' take loping loops that beat like a heart and juxtapose them against a timeless voice and otherworldly production where every timbre echoes into the ephemeral glow of the city....and beyond.

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