Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boy Ηiτs Cαя - Sτεαliиg Fiяε (2011)

Although they formed in the early 90's and quickly established something special as far as musical identity goes, Boy Ηiτs Cαя never seemed to gain a foothold in rock radio territory despite excellent dynamics and songwriting which pervaded their releases -- from the success of their debut on Wind-Up Records in 2001 all the way to the present day, it's just been one steller set of songs after another.

That being said, Sτεαliиg Fiяε is an alt-rock fan's wet dream in more ways than one, and yet like most of the year's best records you probably won't see it on any AOTY lists. Razorscuzzed guitar lines that scale up and down harmonic minor scales, exotic high-end excellence from vocal giant Craig Rondell and a slick, multi-faceted eclecticism not unlike peer such as Deftones and Ra...this is the sort of stuff my generation makes love to, and boy does it pack one fuck of a wallop!

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