Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mysτikαl - Tαrαиτulα (2001)

Before some rather nasty legal trouble involving a woman and his trouser snake landed him in the joint until fairly recently, Mr. Michael Lawrence Tyler (AKA Mysτikαl) was arguably the hottest name in The Game, a status that was cemented in both songwriting and production on his 2001 magnum opus Tαrαиτulα.

Bling, the streets, bitches, gettin' pussy, bitches: all your favorite boom rap subject matter is here and ready to roll like a joint gone mean n' Cuban. Every track's got a nasty fine hook to the jaw: the title track bellows like an angry beast to the tune of a couple of pissed off synth arpeggios. Lines of all kinds get snorted throughout: bass, synths, beats galore. We even get horns on tracks like 'That's That Shit', but without all that self-conscious ATCQ crap holding back the pimp within.

The James Brown of hip-hop is here to blow some mothafuckin' MINDS boys & girls, so put that in your bowls and smoke it!

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