Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Strangeways - Walk In The Fire (1989)

In recording an equally sharp continuation from it's 1987 sibling Native Sons, Strangeways would unfortunately break up after recording this masterpiece due to the godawful marketing which led to predictably dismal sales at a time when nobody could figure out how to market good music to the sedated masses. Bloody shame too, as I think this album's success could have kept grunge underground another couple of years (a genre I'm a fan of in certain respects)...which wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing depending on how you see it.

Basically, Walk In The Fire was the perfect end to the cheesiest, over-the-top decade of sonic indulgence in human history. It's also arguably the defining statement of ten whole years of "wimpy" metal, the genre's endgame pinnacle...and that's not praise to be taken lightly.

Check out the previous post, get this, and be happy that you have the two best hair-metal/AOR albums on the planet [remastered too!] in your collection.

Listen Here - "Every Time You Cry"

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