Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vεяτicαl Hoяizoи - Buяиiиg Thε Dαys (2009)

The music industry has screwed over many a fine band for the last couple of decades, but in the case of late-90's power pop/alternative mega-act Veяtical Hoяizon it was downright pathetic. Despite 1999's Everything You Want going double platinum, RCA Records ended up restructuring and lost these guys in the shuffle, pushing the band into uncharted independent territory...

Nine years and one record later, Burning The Days validates frontman Matt Scannell as one helluva force to be reckoned with in the fickle world of radio rock, and the fact that 80's AOR star Richard Marx and Rush drummer Neil Peart got involved here in various ways makes the package even more awesome. 'Save Me From Myself' and electrified opening number 'All Is Said And Done' bring the bacon mightily as far as VH's classic high-wired take on alternative tinged-power pop goes, but even the mid-tempo cuts like 'Afterglow' pack a real wallop once you cross the bridge.

It's funny really: my own tastes musically have diversified to the point of insanity over the last 10-15 years, but this band remains, for me, the kind of childhood remnant you just can't shake because your very ears seem attuned to their special brand of jangly sunshine. Can't wait to hear what they do next!

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