Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bяεαkiиg Poiиt - Coмiиg Of Agε (2001)

Some of the musical world's more brilliant musical gems can be uncovered, it seems, after watching too many dubbed Dragon Ball Z films as a kid. This, my chums, is a prime example of such: one of those early 2000's post-grunge debuts which actually delivers something quite listenable without coming off as half-assed like most of its ilk.

The pros? Rough-round-the-edges production, great hooks, the absence of your usual cringeworthy lyrics and a refreshing lack of pretension. It's the sort of modern rock you could see yourself making AMVs around on Adobe Flash for the hell of it and not feel like a tool doing so. Shit, songs like 'Phoenix' and the title track almost make you want to believe there was hope for post-grunge a decade ago, that maybe a whole bunch of bands would take a cue from Breaking Point here and do something engaging with the established formula.

No such luck for the most part, but Coмing Of Agε gets points for trying quite hard to set the right precedent. For a couple of songs, at least, the potential of something more becomes a self contained reality.

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