Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poετs Of Tнε Fαll - Tεмplε Of Tнoυgнτ (2012)

Finland's top rock band export since 2003, an unarguable point at this stage in the their career. Ever since tracks like 'The Last Goodbye' became a thematic focal point for Max Payne 2 way back when, this bunch has been releasing great album after great album of lofty, electronic-tinged modern rock, and this year's newest addition is no exception to that tradition. It's got a bit of everything: ballads with a sense of place and time (title track), mid tempo gems that burn the highway ('The Distance', 'The Lie Eternal') and even some groomed for radio showstoppers ('Running Out Of Time', 'Kamikaze Love') to seal the deal. Absolutely stellar!

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