Saturday, October 29, 2011

Κiиg Cяiмsoи - Disсipliиε (1981/2011)

My favorite KC album by a country mile, and wonderfully remastered as part of the 40th Anniversary series courtesy of Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree, as well as Robert Fripp himself.

I could give you fifteen billion reasons to own this record if you haven't gotten it already. Besides the fact it's one of my favorite albums of all time that is. Lets see...the fact its a rare poster child of sorts, representing the brilliance of post-infancy New Wave merged with unparalleled proggy. complexity and melodious intent would be one. Another one would be that every song is goddamn perfect, including but not limited to the jazzy swing of ballad 'Matte Kudasai' and tribal-led transcendence of 'The Sheltering Sky'.

Or....I dunno, you could just take my word for it and give it a fighting chance?

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