Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ѕτevε Hαcкεττ - To Wαtcн Tнε Sτoямs (2003)

Everyone's favorite Genesis guitarist has had quite the solo career over the last forty years, and is considered one of the most "technically" skilled on the planet as far as playing goes. If I were to pick out a favorite release from that vast body of wonderful work though, I'd have to go with this post-2000's sucker punch of a record. It's dark, interesting and full of a strange sort of life that gets it leaping right off your speakers.

From the gorgeous middling ballad 'Rebecca' to the proggy. pop-rock of 'Brand New' and through the industrialized Talking Heads tribute 'The Devil Is An Englishman', it's rare to see an artist at the top of his creative form at this late point in his career. My recommendation for this one is quite high fellas: Stevie's voice has gotten better with time, his playing more spastic and daring, and his influences broader as he's come of age. To Wαtcн Tнε Sτoямs is the summation of a lifelong musical aspiration to evolve and grow beyond sterility, and I'll be damned if it isn't a glory to behold.

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