Monday, April 18, 2011

Pet3r Gabri31 - 5ecur1ty (1982/2010)

Something special for you lot: the 2010 remaster of this oh-so-obscure British singer-songwriter's longstanding masterpiece, and the status of it is such that I don't really feel like explaining WHY you need this. Rather, I'm more inclined to order every single person who looks at this post to just fuckin' download it, no questions asked.

Still, I'll elaborate a bit for those who don't know anything about Security: it nearly single-handedly, along with albums like Duran Duran's Rio, launched New Wave and World music into popular consciousness, yet unlike the imminent mobs of imitators that would come later, this material is really, really strong (even in retrospect from 2011). I mean yeah, this record has 'Shock The Monkey', but what keeps people coming back are more primal compositions such as the haunted 'San Jacinto' and a spirited polyrhythmic jamboree called 'The Rhythm of The Heat'.Yet these are just a few highlights of many, and there's not a hint of bad songwriting anywhere to be found even as you get drawn in deeper...

When all is said and done, I suppose what really clicks for me here is that there is a real darkness to these proceedings which lends the whole picture bite and relevance beyond the era of its making, and thus I can't even begin to recommend it highly enough. Don't waste my offer ladies and gents!

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