Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Awful Truth - S/T (1989)

Think King's X meets Voivod meets Fates Warning meets Nirvana and you'll have a good grasp of just how fantastic this slice of late 80's progressive metal is. Gorgeous guitar laden backdrops, top notch harmonies, and yet there's still plenty of experimentation and off-kilter time signatures to fulfill even the most cynical of metal fan's expectations.

Seriously though, how the hell was a band this good only able to cut one record? I know that the people involved here went on to form Galactic Cowboys and kick major ass, but yeah....

Listen Here - "Ghost Of Heaven"

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  1. The Awful Truth is that i had never heard of that awesome band.Thank you ,its a great album.

  2. It really is! Glad you are digging it pal. :D