Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sun Ra - Lanquidity (1978)

Experimental jazz's coolest cat has never exactly been known for being accessible, but he comes mighty damn close on 1978's Lanquidity (reissued a few years back after decades of scarcity), which features a host of excellent Arkestra regulars as well as trumpeter king Eddie Gale....and anything Gale has worked with is top class, period. The sun god himself also casts his hand at keyboarding, and the results are definitely worth paying attention to!

Basically, this is Sun Ra's typically insane yet gorgeous interpretation of the whole jazz-fusion scene that had been made famous over the decade by the efforts of Miles Davis, Soft Machine, Return To Forever, etc. It's also the finest jazz record to come out in the latter half of the 70's by a country mile. It doesn't blaze quite as fervently as something like, say The Inner Mounting Flame...but boy does it carry far.

Have a long night ahead of you? Don't be afraid to jazz it up with this!

Listen Here - "That's How I Feel"

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