Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leon Ware - Rockin' You Eternally (1981)

Criminally underrated throughout the 70's, Leon Ware has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Minnie Riperton as a producer, but on numerous occasions has established himself as one helluva vocalist and solo artist too, such as this 1981 space-age soul masterpiece Rockin' You Eternally.

There are only eight tracks across slightly over half an hour, but its a ride with some gorgeous replay value every step of the way. The vocoder funk of 'A Little Boogie (Never Hurt No One)' is a pretty nice start to this, but the record only gets better as time goes on - swirling orchestras mark songs that would do Smokey Robinson proud in his prime, such as 'Sure Do Want You Know' and the soaring title track, while my personal favorite 'Don't Stay Away' is one of the smoothest keyboard-led cuts of soul you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Leon's voice echoes out into the void and does a little jig on a big black dancefloor of infinity beyond. 'Tis a wonder it hasn't been sampled yet!

Looking for that long-lost soul classic you haven't heard...? Wah-lah!

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