Thursday, January 6, 2011

K.B. - Aerial (2005)

Everyone's favorite British female pop eccentric did some mighty fine work a few years ago on this final (so far) studio release: a whopping 16 songs divided between two sides: seven interesting pop songs and a suite of vaguely orchestral deeps brought into recorded resonance. Lyrically things are quite wry as well - washing machines are likened to a romantic coupling in one instance ['Mrs. Bartolozzi'] and in another we see a jazzy, synth-laden Peter Gabriel-esque delving into the mathematical meaning..or perhaps merely love ['Pi']. Impressive...and that's only two great songs in a whole damn set of them.

In my opinion, this may not be another Hounds Of Love, but this shit will move your soul like the rest of Bush's catalog. Lets hope this isn't her last musical outing!

Listen Here - "Joanni"

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