Sunday, March 18, 2012

Joни Mαяtyи - Gloяioυs Fοοl (1981)

The king of U.K.singer/songwriters once again teamed up with drum guru Phil Collins in 1981 to establish a foothold in an era that didn't care too much for men and their 6-strings. Thus, a change in musical direction for mistah Martyn was called for: jazz fusion-rock with an infatuation for synths, a style which would predominate his music for the next couple of releases.

Jam-packed with spellbinding instrumental interplay whilst remaining pop-oriented yet lyrically interesting under the tight reins of a distinctive gravely-toned voice, this is one slick outing that illustrates just how talented the late Joни Mαяtyи was back in his prime, and thus essential listening in more ways than one.

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