Monday, September 12, 2011

Tεαrs Foя Fεαrs - Elεmεntαl (1993)

A TFF without the duo aspect really (C. Smith had left by this point due to disagreements), this 1993 release sees pop maestro Roland Orzabel trying his hand at early 90's Adult Contemporary. And when I mean try, I mean fuck around with a normally generic formula and cut some damn nice tunes in studio, bringing in everything from ambient to alternative to prog. rock into a radio-amiable context without missing a beat.

Although its not quite the quality monster as the band's mid-to-late 80's records are, fans of progressive pop along the lines of Kevin Gilbert and the less insipid output of Mike & The Mechanics will find themselves salivating uncontrollably...but I also believe the rest of you will thoroughly have fun with this too.

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