Thursday, September 22, 2011

Briαи McKиigнt - S/T (1992)

A classic R&B/New Jack Swing debut from the early 90's that bridged the music of top rate acts like Bobby Brown and Guy to the burgeoning neo-soul era beget by brothas like Seal, D'Angelo and Maxwell...and in my opinion this is the absolute cream of that particular crop of early nineties releases. B.M. himself is in fine form as far as vocals go, but unlike the majority of his contemporaries he's a multi-instrumentalist with a warm, jazzy sense of melodic songwriting (hear classic cuts like 'The Way Love Goes' 'Is The Feeling Gone' and a wicked hot cover of a certain famous Hall & Oates single for more details) that accentuates the talents that had led him to outlast everyone else in his scene (he's still going strong as of 2011).

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