Monday, August 29, 2011

Ozric Tεntaclεs - Pungεnt Effulgεnt (1989)

Anyone who has seen my post on this fantastic group's 1990 release Erpland should probably already have a notion of sorts as to why this group is awesome, but in some ways this 1989 major label debut is actually superior to much of what these space rock gods would do throughout the next decade (including Erpland itself). This is partly because Pungent takes more chances on the compositional side of things, emphasizes atmosphere over merely tripping out. It helps some also that it doesn't feel as rave-centered or praise seeking as records such as Curious Corn or Spirals In Hyperspace. Tracks such as 'Phalarn Dawn' and 'Agog In The Ether', for instance, are experimental ambient pieces that wouldn't be caught dead on these guys' later masterpieces, and when it clicks together it feels almost as gratifying as if you've just made love to your ideal dreamboat (gender at your discretion).

The bottom line is this: People often accuse the Ozrics of sounding the same on every album since their inception as a unified group back in the mid 80's, but the fact this album exists at all invalidates that claim in an intriguing, refreshing and even glorious manner.

Thus, I hope ya'll are ready to dope up and get ready to drop the ball, 'cause this vintage (and remastered) slice of infinity is a real motherfucker in the best way possible.

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