Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haшkшind - Thε Cнroniclε Of Thε Blαck Sшord (1985/2009)

If any of you have never heard of or have had the pleasure of reading the classic sword n' sorcery adventures related to Elric of Melniboné and the terrible blade that owns him known as Stormbringer, then you are simultaneously A. Neglected in the mind thanks to your ADD-riddled 21st century living and the shit that passes for "great" fantasy these days or/and B. Probably not going to fully appreciate the space rock awesomeness that U.K. mainstays Hawkwind crafted here in the mid 80's.

Raw, rumbling and somewhere between heavy metal and punk as far as intensity goes, this band has and always will be considered an ageless alternative to the norm, a more stripped down, energetic counterpart to Pink Floyd for fans of cosmic music. Tracks such as the riff-cannoned 'Needle Gun' and the winding blowout of 'Horn Of Destiny' are real kicks in and of themselves, but its those ambient touches on the maudlin 'Zarozinia' and that gorgeous texturing on 'The Pulsing Cavern' that elevate this beyond just blazed out rock: that fuzz you hear is your soul, crying out for some big swords and an adventurous enough spirit to take on the universe in all its malevolence and mystery.

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