Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mαgmα - Attαнк (1978)

Behind this ugly and oppressive looking cover lies some of the most compulsively listenable WTF material ever committed to record...and that's saying quite a bit, considering this is Magma we're talking about.

A French avant-garde jazz rock outfit founded in the late 60's by drummer extraordinaire Christian Vander, this ensemble spawned from its combination of operatic spieling and free jazz flexibility a genre known as "Zeuhl", or in layman's terms, celestial jazz opera punk where people are singing in an alien language.

Hence, the music inside here is nearly impossible to describe without severe generalizing, as it pushes envelopes even by this band's usual standards (AKA, lots of crazy energy, dissonance and odd rhythms in constant battle, choral vocal chanting, etc. etc.). However, a severe funk influence has permeated the usual diagnosis of cosmic insanity these guys get associated with. Therefore, from one point of view, its possibly the most accessible thing Vander has had the fortune to be involved with....and possibly all of you (once you get it yourselves) as well.

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