Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dαryl Hαll - Sαcrεd Songs (1980)

What happens when one of the top rising pop stars of the late 70's decides to make a record with a certain famous King Crimson guitarist? On top of that, what if the result was so crazy in places that RCA, their record label, decided to shelve it for all eternity (or at-least until 1980 xD)?

Buckle your fuckin' seatbelts kids.


  1. I absolutely adore "Sacred Songs". It is a brilliant album. I own the vinyl, and the remastered CD. Daryl & Robert are a musical marriage made in heaven. You, know, secretly, this is what I always wanted to hear from Mr. Hall...and this album coupled with the re-issues of Fripp's "Exposure" show so much gorgeous artistry. The fact that RCA stifled this album for so many years (and most of the original "Exposure" tracks were buried in the same way for so long) is a testament to the realization that the major record labels have been a detriment to true artistic creativity and autonomy.

  2. Glad you love it Chris!

    I also read in the linear notes at one point that Fripp actually considered reforming King Crimson in '78 with Tony Levin, Brian Eno, himself AND Daryl Hall as lead vocalist. What a mindblowing possibility..!