Wednesday, May 18, 2011

|)ream Th3ater - 1mages And W0rds (1992)

Early 90's progressive metal classic everyone should own, and another one of those life-changing records that got me interested in music as a young schmuck. And yes, I know how "meh" this band's reputation is, but even the wank kings themselves had a few good shots in the barrel before they lost their musical minds. This was the second of three such gems in this group's discography (the others being When Dream And Day Unite and Awake), and its a helluva trip for anyone who digs metal with a big of emotional flavor and a sense of atmosphere. Highlights include 'Surrounded', the single best power ballad in the history of fancy metal, MTV metal one hit wonder 'Pull Me Under' and axe-shred staple 'Under A Glass Moon'.

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