Monday, May 23, 2011

J0hn M4rtyn - Heav3n & 3arth (2011)

Although the grave has held him long and lonely since his unfortunate passing a few years back, everyone favorite bark-voiced English bard has finally gotten his final studio recording out into the presses for us, the fortunate living, to inhale and appreciate from pulse to pulse. Slick funk broods along the boogie blues of a swampy bayou, and its a ride that will be remembered long after the works of lesser singer-songwriters are left in the dust of yesterday's zeitgeist.

Love J.M. or hate him, these are some final bits of timelessness to add to his already rich and everlasting sonic hoard of riches. Let his soul wash over yours so that you may come out a better beast tommorrow.

Listen Here - "Heel Of The Hunt"

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  1. Any more J.M on this blog in the pipeline?

  2. Possibly. I have his whole discography in 320CBR, so uploading another one at some point would be quite plausible. :)