Sunday, July 1, 2012

Brαiи Police - Beyoиd Tнe Wαstelαиd (2006)

Hailing from the vulcan shores of Iceland and picked up by an independent American label back in 2005, these aren't your ordinary Police, no sirree! This fantastic debut is a fine honed arbalest of rock and wailing thunder, invoking at times the souls of more well known ancestors such as Atomic Rooster and Led Zeppelin, yet retaining a specialized gallop that makes them unique in a world full of bands who rumble and quake as hard as anyone in the last century.

Treasures such as this album are peerless things, styles aside. They pulsate, resonate, stand their ground no matter what era somebody decides to pluck them from beneath the layers of silt and forgotten press. Songs such as 'Mystic Lover' and "Thunderbird' would kick just as much ass on radio back in '75 as they would in 2012, and that should be good enough for all and any sceptics.

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