Wednesday, May 9, 2012

808 Sτατε - 90 (1989)

The Sgt. Peppers of early acid house, and it's not too hard to understand why in retrospect. Highway blaster 'Pacific 202' features a ridiculous bassline set against a punchy horn refrain, singlehandedly establishing the basic feel for every Sonic The Hedgehog game OST that would define 90's gamer culture for years to come, while techno and the 21st century's obsession with 8-bit get a heavy dose of foreshadowing in rave friendly beat epics like 'Cobra Bora' and 'Sunrise'.

Whatever your retrospective impressions may be, it was albums like this that changed the musical landscape seemingly overnight in the year of our Lord of Ten, Nine and Eighty Nine, and everything you probably love as far as electronica still feels that shift today.

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