Saturday, June 18, 2011

Яusн - Poшεя Шindoшs (1985)

Along with Permanent Waves and Grace Under Pressure, this is my favorite release from Canada's most popular prog. power trio export.

While its abundance of synths is not typical for the band compared to a lot of their other output, the heavy emphasis upon them (even moreso than their other 80's releases) makes for a terrific atmosphere that you don't really get on their other records. Geddy Lee in particular is marvelous throughout this disk: when he isn't laying down bass lines that would make a jazz-funk band blush, he's singing like a motherfuckin' angel.    From the low-key anthemic hair metal flirtations of 'Middletown Dreams' to the aptly titled 'Mystic Rhythms', weak cuts here are like polio in 2011: non-existent.

Not all prog-related stuff three decades ago sucked, and this album is living proof of it.

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